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The Tormax 1201 Swing Door Operator is the ideal solution for retrofit applications and is easily installed due to the unique back-plate design. Models are available for single, pair, and double egress applications and can be configured to existing doors with butt/offset or center pivoted hinges, swinging either out or in without breakaway. The Tormax 1201 Swing Door Operator is a fully programmable dual-purpose operator with heavy-duty mechanics that meets ANSI standards A156.10 and ANSI standards 156.19. The Tormax 1201 is a non-handed power open, spring close mechanical operator capable of swinging interior and exterior doors up to 55" wide, weighing up to 550 pounds. The Tormax 1201 Swing Door Operator incorporates a 1/3 HP DC motor with reliable rack and pinion mechanics coupled with a programmable microprocessor controller. The result is a smooth quiet trouble-free swing door operator that provides long-lasting performance and efficiency.

Tormax 1201 Swing Door Operator

SKU: TTX 1201

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